Solutions for Stadiums

Ticket Monster

Ticket Monster is an extremely versatile reader, suitable for a wide range of possible applications, from access control to logistics. Conceived to read and decode any type of HF tag and barcode, it features the most advanced technological innovations in a compact and stylish shell. Ticket Monster has been developed devoting the utmost care to…

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Control monitor

Control Monitor is a system conceived to simplify access control at ski lift facilities. By directly interfacing with Leski gates and the Helix platform, this system allows an operator to display – remotely and in real time – the data related to the people accessing the ski lifts and tows and identify any persons in…

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Match 100

Match 100 is a software platform for access control in stadiums and arenas. It offers real time functionalities for the handling of access tickets coming from ticket offices. It fully integrates with ticket-reading devices. It tracks usage upon bystanders transit and allows to consult, save or print reports and statistical data. The system was developed…

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Full-height turnstile for stadiums and arenas PA197

The PA197 full-height turnstile is a robust and trustworthy solution for access control in stadiums and arenas, which face very high flows of people. It has been conceived and developed concentrating especially on security matters: the turnstile’s mechanical structure, totally controlled automatically, blocks supporters not holding a valid access document from entering the facility and…

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