Full-height turnstile for stadiums and arenas PA197

Full-height turnstile for stadiums and arenas

is a robust and trustworthy solutio
allows passage of a single person at a time

The PA197 full-height turnstile is a robust and trustworthy solution for access control in stadiums and arenas, which face very high flows of people. It has been conceived and developed concentrating especially on security matters: the turnstile’s mechanical structure, totally controlled automatically, blocks supporters not holding a valid access document from entering the facility and guarantees passage of one single person at a time.

Main features

  • Stainless steel of varnished steel framework
  • Stainless steel arms
  • Transparent polycarbonate shatterproof finishing to ease bystander identification
  • Independent arm movements unique in its kind
  • Bidirectional operation
  • Motorized activation
  • Obstacle detection during the passage
  • Visual notifications by means of LED indicators
  • Lighting
  • 24 V DC low voltage operation
  • Backup batteries guarantee continuous operation during blackouts
  • IP65 protection rating body

Operating methods

Each opening allows passage of a single person at a time, thus making security personnel checks precise and punctual. In case of obstacle detection, a safety mechanism blocks arm rotation, so to avoid damage to people or objects. The independent movement of each arm allows setting three different access modes (gate completely closed, gate completely open, gate ready for passage control), thereby offering an extremely versatile solution, apt to regulate the flow of bystanders even during emergency situations. In case of power failures, the backup batteries guarantee continuous operation.

Size (double turnstile): 2200x2750x1550 mm
Passage width: 600×2200 mm
Weight: ca.1200 Kg
Power supply: 200-240V AC 50-60 Hz (external power supply box)
Operating temperature: da -30 °C a +50 °C