Match 100

Software platform for the access control in stadiums and arenas

It offers real time functionalities.
A web interface for general management.

Match 100 is a software platform for access control in stadiums and arenas. It offers real time functionalities for the handling of access tickets coming from ticket offices. It fully integrates with ticket-reading devices. It tracks usage upon bystanders transit and allows to consult, save or print reports and statistical data. The system was developed with an emphasis on efficiency, an essential characteristic when it comes to handling very high flows, such as those of sport events, and exploits innovative solutions to reduce data traffic as well as hardware requirements. It is a state-of-the-art system, natively supporting the latest ticketing technologies such as NFC and QR Code, beyond the more traditional barcode tickets and RFID. Match 100, paired with the ALFI Ticket Monster reader and the PA197 full-height turnstile, represents a complete and integrated solution for controlling access in stadiums and arenas.

Main features

  • A central processing service for the management of communications with the reading devices
  • A series of customizable modules for ticket office interfacing
  • A web interface for general management
  • A web interface for consultation, data saving and printout of reports and statistics
  • A web interface for the control of readers and turnstiles