Ski centres

Camera monitor

Camera Monitor is a product developed by Alfi to meet the need to verify ticket holders at ski lift facilities. This systems integrates with the Helix platform and uses Leski gates for passage detection. Every time a ticket holder passes through a gate, Camera Monitor records the pictures coming from an IP cam and allows…

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Control monitor

Control Monitor is a system conceived to simplify access control at ski lift facilities. By directly interfacing with Leski gates and the Helix platform, this system allows an operator to display – remotely and in real time – the data related to the people accessing the ski lifts and tows and identify any persons in…

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Alfi Sprint

Sprint is a thermal card printer specifically conceived to ensure total reliability, versatility and speed, which are essential features to guarantee the efficiency of any ticketing system. The Sprint printer allows to issue traditional 1D or 2D barcode tickets and – thanks to the built-in RFID module – contactless cards compliant to ISO standards. ISO…

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Helix is a software platform for the issuing, sale (including online sales) and analytical and statistical management of tickets and badges. It can be installed on any PC running a Windows operating system. Helix consists of three main modules: Helix Point of Sale: a software for the management of a point of sale with operators….

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