Camera monitor

System for the verification of ticket holders

rapid visual comparison with the user’s features
Safe display from any remote device equipped with a browser

Camera Monitor is a product developed by Alfi to meet the need to verify ticket holders at ski lift facilities. This systems integrates with the Helix platform and uses Leski gates for passage detection. Every time a ticket holder passes through a gate, Camera Monitor records the pictures coming from an IP cam and allows for its rapid visual comparison with the user’s features (age, build, gender, clothes, etc.), between different passages and/or with the data entered in the ticket upon purchasing. In this way, any anomalies can be easily identified, such as a change in the ticket holder or the use of a ticket associated with a user category different from the one the holder belongs to. Following the identification of any anomalies, the software allows to include the ticket in the Helix system’s alert lists or blacklists for subsequent notifications or to block the ticket holder’s passage through the gates. Accessibility through the HTTP protocol makes it possible to use the system from any remote device equipped with a browser.

Main features:

  • Compatible with the Helix platfrom and Leski gates
  • Customisable display & check web interface
  • Data filtering (by date, name, type, etc.)
  • Safe display from any remote device equipped with a browser
  • Automatic deletion of recorded data for privacy purposes
  • The server can be installed on a customer’s PC running a Windows operating system

IP cam: it records the pictures of the passages through one or several gates (up to 4 in a row)
CM synchronizer: it manages the flow of pictures coming from maximum 2 IP cams and transfers the data to the CM server
CM Server: (can be installed on the customer’s PC): shows the display and checking interface on HTTP protocols

IP cam technical characteristics:
Weight: ca. 3,5 kg
Power supply: PoE IEEE 802.3af Class 3; High PoE
Operating temperature: from -30 °C to 45 °C (PoE); from -45 °C to 45 °C (High PoE)
Communication interface: RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX PoE
Protection rating: IP66

CM synchronizer technical characteristics:
Power supply: 200-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature: from 10 °C to 30 °C
Communication interface: 2x RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX PoE (power supply and communication with IP cam), 1x RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (communication with the LAN network)