Ski-slopes accident survey platform

Works both online and offline.
Real time queries of all performed operations.

Bernardo is a software platform for the survey in real time of accidents occurring along ski slopes. The system consists of one app for mobile devices and one report & management web interface, conceived for both control-room operators receiving emergency calls and for rescue teams giving assistance directly on the spot. The app, featuring a simple and fast interface, allows rescue operators to fill in operation reports, shoot pictures of the injured & the accident scene, collect the signatures of both rescuers and injured persons, sending the results to a collecting server. The control-room operators, by means of the web interface, can instantly verify the status of each emergency call, search, archive and print intervention reports.

Main features:

  • Available for Android 4.0 or higher operating systems
  • Works both online and offline, in case of network connection faults
  • Automatic delivery of operation reports to the collecting server
  • Real time queries of all performed operations
  • Configurable access PIN

Control-room web interface features:

  • Multi-browser compatible (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer)
  • Analytical and statistical intervention reports
  • Data filtering (by date, location, intervention code, etc.)
  • Query, storage and printing of operation reports
  • Automatic email notification
  • Multiple users registration with different privilege levels